QSO Party Details!

QSO party Details

Contest Details ... can also be found through the link

D -STAR QSO Party Details also found on link above

Contest Rules from ICOM : Download
Purpose :
Connecting the world through D-STAR repeaters around the globe

Date and Time :
September 19th, 20th and 21st, 2014. Friday 0:00 ~ Sunday 24:00 (UTC)

QSO Party Organizers :
Icom Incorporated, Icom America, Icom Australia, Icom Europe

Who can take part in the QSO PARTY? :
All licensed Ham Radio operators.

Participation bands and modes :
DV mode
28MHz/50MHz/70MHz /144MHz/430MHz/1200MHz
(Simplex operation on 28MHz, 50MHz and 70MHz)

Prizes :
The goal of the D-STAR QSO PARTY is to communicate through as many D-STAR repeaters as possible throughout the world. All operators who submit an approved log will be eligible for the prize draw. 10 winners will be randomly selected to each win a prize. The more D-STAR QSO’s you make, the more chances you have to win. In addition to voice communication, you will have a chance to get a bonus point when you send GPS position data indicating communication distance via D-STAR radios. (up to a maximum of four prize draw points and one bonus point). Please refer to the entry multipliers below.
To quality for prize draw point, you need contact more than 10 amateurs through at least one repeater in your own country.

If you contact more than 20 amateurs, you will qualify for two points.
If you contact amateurs in more than 5 foreign countries, you will qualify for one point.
If you contact amateurs in more than 10 foreign countries, you will qualify for two points

Making a call :
--Call --
--Contest Number --
The other stations RS
The year when you first operated D-STAR
“P” If you send GPS position data

Things to remember
1. Abide by all Amateur radio laws in your country.
2. Party organizers are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage/trouble associated with this D-STAR QSO PARTY.
3. When you use the repeaters, be considerate of other users who are not taking part in this QSO PARTY.

Much more information about the event can be found at the official contest website below:

D-star QSO Party 2014

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