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Gateway Registration Check
Use this utility to see if you have registered successfully with a gateway. Remember this is two part process. You must register with a gateway then add each individual terminal with a unique identifier. For more detailed info see Step 4 under getting started above. You can also check to see if another station is registered and where the D Star System believes them to be.

Call sign:

Copyright 2009 - William Stillwell - KI4SWY  Last Heard

Use this utility to see where any registered Dstar station was last heard on the Global Dstar  TIP:   This is where you could most likely expect to make contact with that station by means of repeater linking or callsign routing.

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Click on the box to the left for the consummate resource in callsign information. Search for a new vanitycall, research the history of an existing callsign, check the aging of available callsigns, print your current license, or find the hams in your neighborhood.

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