Icom.icf Programming Files Submitted by Area D-Star Users

This page is our re-build of the old Tampa D-star site and was created to help maintain the hard work that went into the collaboration of these documents. If you have related files you would like us to share, please email us and we will work on it as soon as possible. Additionally if you notice links that aren't working properly or files that are bad let us also know so we may take them down. Thanks!

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IC-2820 Files

ID-880 Files

IC-92ad Files

CSV Files Tampa to Dayton;
A Very Comprehensive listing courtesy of KJ4IXI Click here for the readme file

Orlando Florida K1XC Port B K1XC Port C
Riverview (Tampa) Florida NI4CE Port B
Chattanooga, TN. W4PL Port B W4PL Port C
Dayton, Oh. W8BI Port C
Lakeland, Florida KJ4ACN Port B KJ4ACN Port C
AES Orlando, Florida W4AES Port B
Cincinnati, Ohio K8BIG Port B K8BIG Port C
New Port Richey, Fl KJ4BYI Port B
Plant City, Fl. N4CLL Port B N4CLL Port C
Atlanta, Ga. W4DOC Port B W4DOC Port C
Lexington, Ky. W4DSI Port C
Stone Mountain, Ga. WX4GPB Port B WX4GPB Port C
HRO Doraville, Ga. WB4HRO Port B
Lawrenceville, Ga. KJ4KLF Port B KJ4KLF Port C
Orlando, Fl KJ4MMC Port C
Orlando, Fl KJ4OVA Port B
Hamilton, Oh W8RNL Port B W8RNL Port C
Tampa, Fl W4RNT Port B
Cumming, Ga. KI4SBA Port B KI4SBA Port C
Lawrenceville, Ga. WD4STR Port B WD4STR Port C
Stockbridge, Ga. (no Gateway) K4USD Port B K4USD Port C
Middlesboro, Ky. (no Gateway) WA4YZY Port B WA4YZY Port C

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